Hibernate Framework

Hibernate is one of the leading ORM technologies used to develop the persistence layer for the enterprise applications.

Struts Framework

Struts 2 is MVC designed pattern based web application development framework in Java. It is used to develop enterprise web applications.


Extensible Markup Language or XML for short is a markup language for creating the self describing documents. XML is language independent and can be used as a best way to interchange data among the applications.


Spring framework is Java based framework for development of enterprise applications. It works well with all the existing Java frameworks. Spring framework simplifies the development of Java applications.


Java is programming language used for development of various types of applications. Java is used to develop desktop applications, web applications, mobile applications and applications for embedded devices.

Testing Framework

Testing is integral part of software development. There are many frameworks available for testing of the applications.


Database is integral part of any modern enterprise application. Major databases are MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL.


Ajax is set of technologies used for the development of Rich Internet applications. Ajax uses JavaScript, HTML, XML and XMLHttp for creating responsible web applications.


JavaScript is scripting language that runs on web browser. It is used for client side validation and creation of UI interface for the web application.